Paleo Recipe Book Review – How Good Is It?

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Paleo Recipe BookHello there, Tim here, and I want to tell you about a book I bought online recently called The Paleo Recipe Book (OFFICIAL SITE HERE).  It was a $27 purchase, which is probably the most money I have ever in my life paid for a cookbook – and it was worth every penny I paid.  It’s a lot more than a cookbook.  It’s full of delicious and healthy recipes, yes, but it also teaches you how to restructure your lifestyle so that you are living more healthily all around.  The author of the book is Sebastien Noel, who suffered from many health problems before he started changing his diet and lifestyle to something more natural.  The Paleo Recipe Book is the result.  It got him feeling better, and it’s made me feel a lot better too.

What is the Paleo Diet? Before you purchase a book with 370 Paleo recipes, you are probably wondering what the Paleolithic Diet is in the first place.  As the name implies, it’s a diet which is based on the way that researchers think our ancestors ate back in the caveman days.  This is why it sometimes also known as the Caveman Diet.  Why would you want to eat like our ancestors?  Aren’t we more advanced today?  Actually, most of the “advancements” we’ve made in the field of food are drawbacks.  Look on any package of food in a grocery store.  Almost without fail, you’ll see lists of additives which you can’t recognize as food, because they aren’t food.  They’re “food-like substances.”  Our meats and dairy products are also contaminated with hormones and antibiotics, and pesticides sully our fruits and vegetables.

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Cavemen didn’t use these additives, hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides.  Their food was wholesome, fresh, and healthy, and it was all really food.  Cavemen didn’t eat a lot of grains since they hadn’t figured out how to do agriculture yet, so most of their food was protein rich meats and eggs along with a huge helping of fruits and vegetables.  Fungi, nuts, fish, and natural oils also contribute to this diet.  How strictly you adhere to the diet is up to you; some people who eat the Paleo Diet are very strict and will avoid grains, while others may eat healthy whole grains.  You’ll be eating a lot less carbs and a lot more protein, which is good for most people, since we tend to eat too many carbs and too little protein in our modern diets.

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Note that the Paleo Recipe Book is not about weight loss.  You can lose weight on this diet, and if you have fat to burn, odds are you will.  But the main objective of the program is to get healthier, so that should be your number one focus, even if you are trying to lose weight.  Also note that this is not a bodybuilding book, but with the protein-rich recipes, you will probably see improvements in that area s well.

What’s in the Paleo Recipe Book?

Quick Simple Paleo RecipesYou get 395 pages of instructions to starting out on a healthy lifestyle in the kitchen along with 370 recipes.  An 8-week diet plan is enough to get you started with your daily meals and give you plenty of food to enjoy without a lot of repetition (though a lot of these recipes are so scrumptious I repeat them on a weekly basis).

One of the little extras included in the book is the herb and spice guide.  This was one of my very favorite parts of the whole system.  I have done some cooking before, and I don’t think I was ever bad at it, but one thing I never got the hang of was how to use spices in my food.  Every time I’d head to the grocery store I’d be totally intimidated by the spices section.  Everything looked so expensive and I was worried I’d buy stuff I didn’t need.  And then I would wonder why my recipes were so bland.  The spices guide really simplified everything and added so much value to the recipes.

Two other bonuses were included in the package.  Quick & Simple Paleo Meals is perfect for quick meals before or after work or in the middle of the day when you’re in a rush.  They only take a few minutes to prepare and they taste delicious.  The other bonus is Paleo Desserts.  There’s nothing wrong with having something sweet once in a while, and these recipes are much better for you than the desserts you typically find pre-packaged in the grocery store.

Other Aspects of the Paleo Lifestyle

Paleo DessertsYou will get the best results from the Paleo Diet if you also start following other guidelines of the Paleo Lifestyle.  For example, you will want to start working out several times a week if you don’t already, but you will also want to make plenty of time for rest and regeneration.  You should get a reasonable amount of sleep each night.  You should make time for leisure and spend time with friends and family.  You shouldn’t sit in one place for hours at a time without taking breaks.  Our ancestors were able to survive in a harsh environment not only by eating right, but also by making other healthy choices and living balanced lives.

Is the Paleo Recipe Book For You?

If you want to learn how to cook more healthy meals which also taste amazing, then you will probably love the Paleo Recipe Book.  Most diets advise you to eat a lot of bland foods or starve yourself, but this isn’t just another fad diet to lose weight overnight.  It’s a blueprint for a healthy lifestyle which you can maintain over the long term.  You’ll need to be ready to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but I guarantee you that you’ll enjoy cooking more once you start to get better at it.  I used to look at cooking as a chore, but now I love it.  I feel healthier and more energetic, and I look forward to dinner every night, and so does my family!

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